Measurement in a laboratory

I. Inspection against 3D model or drawing of metal and plastic workpieces
1. Measuring with precision 3D measuring machines.
2. Measuring with digital calipers and angle meters.
3. Measuring the chemical composition of raw materials used in production.
4. Surface roughness measurement.
5. Visual inspection of workpieces according to international standards and customer requirements.
6. Magnetic powder defectoscopy according to international standard EN 23278:2015.
7. Penetrant testing according to international standard EN ISO 3452-1:2021.
II. Types of measuring instruments
1. Faro Arm – for workpieces up to 1500mm.
2. AICON Move Inspect XR8 – for workpieces up to 8000mm.
3. X-MET 8000 Expert spectrometer XRF analyzer.
4. Surtronic S-100 series surface roughness tester.
5. DA400S Magnetic Tester