Metal cutting and marking by CNC lasers

Laser cutting is an innovative, highly efficient metal cutting and machining technology that enables the production of complex parts with high precision.



1. Trumpf L3030 3200W CO2

2. Trumpf 3030 L20 6000W CO2 

3. 2 pcs. Trumpf 3030 L49 3000W fiber laser

The machines are capable of cutting blanks with dimensions 1500x3000mm and thicknesses 25mm black steel, 20mm stainless steel and 15mm aluminum.


4. Amada Vensis 4020 4000W with the ability to cut 25mm black steel, 20mm stainless steel, 18mm aluminium with maximum dimensions 2000x4000mm.


5.Combined laser-cutting machine Trumpf Traumatic 3000 with the ability to cut and form parts up to 4mm thickness, maximum workpiece size 1250x2500mm.


6. 3D tube laser Trumpf Tube 5000 with the ability to load blanks up to 6.5 meters, finished parts up to 4.5 meters, up to 8mm thick and 152mm diameter.


7. Datalogic 20W marking laser with working area 100x100mm