Powder painting

Powder coating is one of the most environmentally friendly processes for applying anti-corrosion coating to metals. The process is based on electrostatic attraction between a grounded workpiece and a charged powder.
At AQ Electric AD we have two powder coating lines, one of which is automatic. The equipment is from the leading manufacturer Wagner, and the pre-treatment of the workpiece to clean it and prepare the surface is carried out by products of Chemetall GmbH -one of the leaders in the chemical industry.
We have an innovative infrared chamber for pre-curing the workpieces, which optimizes the process.
We can paint parts with overall dimensions:
Length – up to 3000 mm; Width – up to 800 mm and Height – up to 1500 mm.
Depending on the use of the workpiece, we can offer the right coating for outdoor, indoor use and with special effects.